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How to find books using the Eike Mohr 2nd Edition listing

Eike Mohr did a wonderful job by listing all (to him) known books about german regimental histories / german military history in his famous book "Heeres- und Truppengeschichte der Deutschen Reiches und seiner Länder 1806-1918"

He did even better in the 2nd revised & enhanced Edition in 2004 !

And i am looking forward to a 3rd Edition ! The work isn't done yet !

In this section you can now look for a specific book sorted by Eike Mohrs book ID numbers used within the 2nd Edition ! Just note the ID number from his book and check the ID sections here.

Each new book will also get an enhanced Item Number starting EM2/ followed by the 5 digit book ID used bei Mr. Mohr within his 2004 book.
Books that are not listed within Eike Mohrs 2nd book will get a notification too and will appear on the separate "not listed" listing.

Of course you'll need an Eike Mohr 2nd Edition book to get the IDs ...

All already released books will get a EM2 listing too step by step

Hope this helps! If not feel free to ask me


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