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Special Book Service (SBS)


Looking for a special book not I my offer ?

I am planning to scan every vintage available book concerning german WW 1 military history .. but I can't tell you when. So you can give me your wish list and if one of these comes available I let you know. But it might take some time...

You can't wait long ?  You need it fast ? => Get a SBS Priority Ticket

Complicated name but simple thing.  Tell me the book you need and I will check if I can deliver this book digitally beside the regular queue. No need to wait long. I will give you an offer containing time scale and a price for that scanned book to provide it the fastest possible way for you. You'll get the 1st scanned version of that book long before anyone else. I will do your wish book first
(as soon as that book is at my hands) before any other book ! No need to pay in advance or no risk for you. You got to pay the price only after my work is done and I can deliver the scans ! But after ordering, there will be no way for you to get these scans from me for the regular rate, you got to pay the offered priority rate !

If you have any questions , requests, or need more information just send me an email. Link is within the left menu


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