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Why that page

Über mich

So seems you are looking around very deep on my page. Here's a very short history why this page is existing...

Starting in 2002 short after the death of my grandma I started ancestry researches and soon came along the world war 1 period. My grand father's papers (some of the few remaining) called his father "Oberleutnant im Infanterie Regiment Nr. 147". So for some reasons this seemd to be important and
I started with the simple questions "What is a Oberleutnant?", "What is IR 147" and so on .. while checking one of the 5 remaining pictures prior to 1930's (of my grand-grandfather) showing him in uniform as an officer I identified his Schulterklappen showing the number 151 (Only with the help of a very very kind guy !!!!). After some hints I ordered the regimental history of IR 147 and soon bumped in a challenging task : Reading a book in fractal letters for 2 weeks in a library while having no time because I had to learm for exams ? I requested help of a friend of mine with a digital camera .. and I got lost in the deepths of history.. The virus caught me..

I started to preserve this written history that somehow came forgotten or inrecognised. I like to help people out there with their researches while powering my own researches too !
So beside that it came a hobby I am in fact still researching (some questions about) my grand-grand father ! It definitively grew faster and bigger than I ever guessed but I love it and I want to provide all these information at a fair price without making unneccessary money gains. I want to keep the prices as low as possible. All money flows back into that project (for example in form of rare books that will be resold after scanning or hard disks, scanners and other hardware that is employed within the project).

So far so short !

I you like to know more just gimme an email !



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